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Reviews – One of the Best Restaurants in Herndon

These reviews are an indicator of why we are one of the best restaurants in Herndon, VA.

I love this place! First time here and I will be back again. Server paired bottle of wine to compliment my veal chop. Excellent taste. Cooked perfectly!!!! A little pricey but totally worth it! I will be back again!

Thereas B

Thank you to the fabulous staff for staying late for our little foursome!! Really terrific nite!!

Lisa K

Great for small groups, not so perfect for larger ones.

Great food, and a lot of it! The owner has been in business for years and the family clearly has had enough time to get it right!

I have planned many small corporate dinners for up to 5-6 people here and will continue to do so. Its defiantly a local favorite!

Betsy S

I went here with co-workers for a business dinner. Our large table was set off to the side and this was nice and quiet enough for easy conversations, even down the long table.

The service was very accommodating & attentive. For the group the server made nice triple appetizer plates with calamari, Italian sausages (fantastic), and insalata Caprese. The entree of choice for our group was the veal chop and everyone loved it. It’s a large, very tender cut that’s extremely well prepared. Others had different veal dishes or the salmon, and all were well liked.

The consensus it that we will definitely return.

Paul R

My fiancee and I got last-second reservations (you will need reservations) for a week-day celebratory dinner.

To start, the service was impeccable. The ambiance in the restaurant a bit scarface/1980s but the service more than made up for it. Attentive and not hover-y.

We got the mussels and minestrone as appetizers. We seriously had more muscles than Popeye after spinach. I would pass on the soup again.

She got the stuffed ravoli, which were decent, but I got the veal and holy crapola. It blew the other dishes away. In fact it blew away any dinner I have had in a long time. The demi-glaze was perfection and the entire plate was wonderful.

We stuffed ourselves with the pana cotta and left happy, content, and blissful. It was what a nice italian meal should be.

Carl B

I took my fiance (the night we got engaged) for Valentine’s Day 2015.

I had lobster bisque, lobster tail, and shrimp pasta. The service was fantastic and the food was undeniably one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.

Peter S

Ate there for the first time on Friday with my family and had a really lovely dinner. Food was terrific, service was genuine, but the reason its not a five star is the atmosphere. The place is small, old, and trying to go for a nostalgic feel. But it came off feeling a little ‘meh’. If the dinning room was renovated I would rate this a 5 instantly. I will be back again for the Veal.

Nathaniel M

My wife and I had dinner at Zeffirelli and it was great! The food and service are very good.

The veal chop was awesome (but a little expensive)! It was the best veal chop that I have had in the area, and perhaps anywhere. Aside from a great veal chop in Italy, this one was the most tender and tasty ones that I have had. I believe my wife had the Pollo alla Romana and we also got an order Tortellacci, both of which were very good.

For dessert we had the Tartufo and Creme Brulee, which were also great!

I feel this is the best Italian restaurant that I have been to in the Northern VA area. It can be a little expensive, but not by much. The quality is makes it worth

Donny H

Wow!!! Just absolutely wow!! The best restaurant I’ve been to in the area, hands down. We will be back again and again, for sure!

The man friend and I got last second reservations for a weeknight celebratory dinner. Reservations are DEFINITELY required and we were lucky to get them! The place was packed to the brim at 6pm on a Tuesday!

The decor is super weird and dated but just ignore that and pay attention to everything else. The service was superb. Our jackets were taken upon entry and stored in secure cloak room (we were given a numbered ticket to retrieve coats later), which the server helped me put on! Old fashioned, but nice touch). Our waiter had a thick Italian accent, which is great for an Italian restaurant. Hot, fresh bread was brought out right away and the server was very attentive without being annoying. For as busy as the restaurant was, I expected poor service, but it was great and the food arrived quickly!

The dude got minestrone soup and I had the mussels as apps. The soup was soup, nothing special. The mussels were insane. There were so many!! It seriously could have been a meal with just those and the sauce was on point. The best I have ever had, seriously

For entrees, I ordered the spinach and veal stuffed ravioli and the dude got the veal. Get the veal. Veal anything. Just do it. It’s what this place is known for and they do it right! Don’t get me wrong, the ravioli were also off the chain (fresh, handmade pasta; fresh stuffed ingredients, flavorful sauce) but that veal! Life changing.

We were so full after the main meal, but they have pana cotta and it’s my fav dessert. I’m allergic to chocolate so my dessert choices are always limited so I get excited when I see something I can actually eat. It was fabulous. Pana cotta is rarely bad, but this was extra good.

It was a wonderful night. The service, the food, just all around perfection

Jenn C

My wife and I were at the last minute trying to find some time away from the baby and we stumbled upon Zeffirelli’s. We really enjoyed it’s formal yet old world Italian feel. We were able to get a table very quickly even though they were busy and we were earlier than our reservation.

We then noticed that there was a large group in the main dining room but we didn’t mind since that the noise from the party wasn’t anything out of the norm for a busy Saturday night.

The service was attentive; multiple servers took care of us and made sure that we were correctly mise en place and our glasses were not empty.

The food was exceptional. The appetizers took a bit to come out but the kitchen had just pushed out the parties food so we understood the delay. Our entrees were delivered on schedule and we delicious as well. We enjoyed everything so much that we did not leave room for dessert; good thing they allowed us to take it home!

Once the large party had finished and they were saying their goodbyes our lovely view of the great decor turned into a who’s who of middle age cellulite. The party guest filled all the available standing space; one lady was so tired of standing and gabbing that she desperately needed something to support herself. Luckily for her, our four top had an extra chair for her to brace herself on. I fell short of asking her to join us. I really can’t even attribute this to the restaurant because their servicers had it just as hard to make their way through the pronounced backsides of suburbia. I’ll just chalk this up to NOVA residents inability to realize that there are other people in the world and we will be dining at Zeffirell’s in the future.

Brian G

Quite nice. Ambience is very good. Staff is Italian and truly excellent in customer service. Wine list is good. Fennel salad was great. Rebooted to
Lasagne, which was superb. Truly a wonderful dining experience.

Joseph F

The meal was excellent for everyone in our party of 7. The waiters were very attentive and helpful.

Mark D

I would like to know if this restaurant is under new management. We have been coming here for years so we pretty much know what to expect from the food and did not recognize any of the staff..The ceasar salad while okay, was definitely oily and the cheese was different. The service was acceptable but not the friendly, welcoming attitude usually experienced in the past. The plus was they gave us the table I had considered specifying but it was pretty dead for a Saturday night so there were several open tables.

I don’t understand the negative reviews for lack of accommodations for children .Why do parents think folks pay for sitters or select a quiet romantic restaurant? I would never consider bringing children unless I was part of a group in the private room. Bottom line, the main dining room is not a kid friendly area. It is somewhat cramped and usually somewhat quiet. Last night was the first time I recall even seeing children and they were probably 7 and 10, thoroughly qualified for prime time dining.

I am curious to go back and see what changes there actually are. Perhaps it was just the holidays that allowed for a slow night. The creme brulee seemeed the same so I am holding hope that the food quality continues and it was just an off night for service.

Kathy S

We were celebrating a special occasion and made a late day reservation for a Saturday night. Warm welcome and good seating right away when we arrived. Food was first rate — they’ve upped their game from previous food that was way too salty. Nice choices — prices ‘high moderate’ as befitting a special but not outrageous occasion of spending. The veal chop got rave reviews from the gentlemen in our party. Scampi was plenty to bring home for the next day. Good dessert and coffees followed. Unfortunately, a nearby table with young kids dressed in baseball caps and sweats — not the restaurant’s fault.

Janice B

Finally, we found an Italian restaurant that is up to our standards in Nova. I am very picky when it comes to italian food and my husband and I have searched for two years to find something that we really enjoy, and Zeffirelli is it! We love the building, it’s small (but not too small) and intimate, dimly lit, and big picture windows line the front of the space. The service is impeccable and everyone who came to our table was extremely polite and professional and you can definitely tell they take pride in what they do, which they should! Our food was perfect. The calamari was perfectly cooked, and calamari can be tricky. It was crispy and tender at the same time and the marinara that was paired with it was full of flavor without being overwhelming. They also split it into two separate plates since we were sharing it…I love it when a restaurant goes above and beyond and thinks about their customers. Our entrees were also delicious and timed well. They came out a few minutes after we finished our appetizer so nothing felt rushed but we also were never left feeling like we were forgotten about.

I read some reviews where people complained about the prices they charge, which blows my mind. You get what you pay for, and you get incredible service, excellent food and lovely atmosphere. If you want to pay Olive Garden prices, then you should go there and eat frozen food and salad that comes from a bag. But if you want fresh made to order food served to you by someone who takes pride in what they do, then you should be willing to pay for it. I actually thought that the prices were low for the food we received. Two of us had 3 (total) glasses of wine, an appetizer, two entrees and two desserts and it came in right around $100. Would we have paid more? Absolutely, and we would’ve been happy to do so!

Mallory S

Great antipasto, the veal Marsala was nicely done, liked the wine selection. Also good choice of deserts. The only issue we had was the minestrone soup. Good atmosphere for a business meal or a romantic date.

Rick E

My husband and I were in the area on travel and decided to “take a chance” at this restaurant. From the warm welcome we got upon entering, to the most impeccable treatment from Solomon, our server, to every delicious morsel the chef prepared, I have only high praises for this establishment. There are many, many choices to dine at in Herndon, but when I return again I will definitely make this my go to place. Should you decide to dine here, just ask for Solomon to be your server and be prepared for a memorable experience!

Sharon Z

Been coming to Zeffirelli’s off and on for years now and I have never been disappointed. Tonight was no exception.

Starting with the facilities. The restaurant is inviting, quiet, and well kept.

The service has always been spot on. Very informative, helpful, and attentive without being overbearing.

The food is excellent. The veal is always good as are the seafood dishes.

I will keep coming back when I am in town!

Greg H

This is my go-to spot when I’m traveling in Herndon on business. The food is always very tasty, but I must say that it’s really the service and warm atmosphere that keeps me coming back. Very friendly waiters and understated surroundings. They have excellent traditional Italian fare–again, understated. Of course, I’ll continue to come back to this place whenever I can!

Larah K

We have dined at Zeffirelli’s many times for both lunch and diner and have always been pleased. Thus far, we have not written a Yelp review however.

One of the best experiences we had was on Christmas Eve. We had a very nice lunch and the maitre d’ gave us a gift certificate simply for dining on that day. We were very happy of course to get free food and wine!

Last night we celebrated my wife’s birthday and the service and food were excellent. I had a Caesar salad as a starter, daughter had caprese salad and the wife had snails. All were excellent.

For the main course we had fettuccine with bolognese, gnocchi and salmon and veal parm. The main courses were wonderful. For dessert, we had chocolate gelato, Mixed Berries with Zabaglione, cheesecake and cappuccino.

We had some Sicilian wine which was OK and I had a $50 Open Table check to defray the cost. In general I prefer French, California or South American wine so for me the large wine selection was not that important.

The service was excellent and even before the holidays the restaurant seemed pretty full. I am glad that Zeffirelli’s is doing well as this is pretty much our favorite place for Italian food.

Michael G